1. These terms and conditions apply to all agreements with all companies, institutions and persons that have contacted the trekhaakkorting.nl via the internet.

2. Before the remote contract is concluded, the text of these general terms and conditions is made available to the consumer. If this is not reasonably possible, before the distance contract is concluded, it will be indicated that the general terms and conditions can be viewed at the customer and that they will be sent free of charge as soon as possible at the request of the consumer.

3. If the distance contract is concluded electronically, notwithstanding the previous paragraph and before the distance contract is concluded, the text of these general terms and conditions can be made available to the consumer electronically in such a way that the contract can be stored in a simple way on a durable data carrier. If this is not reasonably possible, before the distance contract is concluded, it will be indicated where the general terms and conditions can be consulted electronically and that they will be sent free of charge at the request of the consumer electronically or otherwise.

4. If deviations have been agreed with regard to certain subjects regulated by these terms and conditions, the terms and conditions and guarantee provisions will remain in force for the rest of that agreement. Agreed deviations never apply to more than one order, unless these have been confirmed in writing each time.

The agreement

1. The provisions set out in the order and general terms and conditions also apply to agreement that is concluded at the time of acceptance by the consumer of the order which is fulfilled with the associated conditions.

2. If the consumer has accepted the offer electronically, the entrepreneur will immediately confirm receipt of the acceptance of the offer electronically. As long as the receipt of this acceptance has not been confirmed, the consumer can dissolve the agreement.

3. If the agreement is concluded electronically, the entrepreneur will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure the electronic transfer of data and ensure a safe web environment. If the consumer can pay electronically, the entrepreneur will take appropriate security measures.

4. The entrepreneur can inform himself - within legal frameworks - whether the consumer can meet his payment obligations, as well as all those facts and factors that are important for a responsible conclusion of the distance contract. If, on the basis of this investigation, the entrepreneur has good reasons not to enter into the agreement, he is entitled to refuse an order or request with reasons, or to attach special conditions to the execution.


1. The consumer has a 24 month warranty on all products.

2. Any warranty claim will lapse if without the prior written consent of KINGAUTO work has been carried out by the buyer/client or third parties that relate to the goods and/or services for which the warranty is invoked.

3. If an item is damaged upon receipt, the consumer can return it to us within 7 days. Inform us in time by email so that we can exchange as soon as possible.


All items are delivered to the delivery address unless otherwise specified.

Right to return

You have 14 days to return the product without stating reasons, starting on the day of receipt of the product. The product can only be returned unused and, if possible, in its original packaging.

For returning the order, the return costs are for your account


1. A dispute exists as soon as one party declares that such is the case.

2. All agreements and transactions of trekhaakkorting.nl are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

3. All disputes, by whatever name, will be subject to the judgment of the Dutch competent court, to the exclusion of all other arbitrating, advisory and judicial bodies.

Terms of delivery

1. The following delivery and payment conditions apply to all offers. All prices are in euros unless otherwise stated in the product-related information.

2. All offers are without obligation. Offers are subject to product availability. In the unlikely event that a product is no longer available, the consumer will be informed by e-mail and possibly offered an alternative.

3. trekhaakkorting.nl has the right to change prices and to correct any typing errors. If the consumer would be disadvantaged as a result, the consumer will be informed by e-mail. The customer has the right to cancel the order.

4. With regard to all goods offered, in addition to what is stated in the online information, the normal and/or customary tolerances apply. Slight deviations from the images and/or descriptions appearing in the online information are therefore reserved. Such deviations never release the client from its obligations under the agreement.

5. The images, drawings and measurements, which are shown or communicated with the offers, only give a general representation of the items offered. Changes in the construction, as a result of which the actual implementation deviates slightly from the images, drawings or measurements referred to, as a result of which no substantial changes are made to the technical and aesthetic implementation of the articles, do not oblige us to pay any compensation and do not give the client the right to refuse receipt of the delivered goods.

6. The main rule for delivery is that delivery takes place after payment has been received, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Payment can be made via iDeal internet banking or other supported payment methods.

7. When the consumer places an order, the following information is requested from the consumer: Name, address, zip code, city, telephone number, email address, method of payment and any account number. This data is not passed on to third parties. The Personal Registration Act applies to this. The information collected is used to process orders. If necessary, we use this information to contact the consumer. Financial information will only be used to bill the consumer for purchased products and services. We reserve the right to register the consumer's IP address if we need to solve problems with the server. The IP address can be used to collect general demographic information so that it is possible to define the visitor profile and evaluate the use of the site. This information helps us to further develop this site, for example in terms of design and layout. The personal data can always be requested by the consumer and, if necessary, changed or deleted. The information we collect is used for clearly stated purposes. Information is treated confidentially. KINGAOUT is limited to registration of those data that are necessary for the processing of the order and communication with the consumer as buyer. Unless the consumer has given his express permission to do so, trekhaakkorting.nl will not use the data for promotional activities, nor will it make the data available to third parties, except insofar as it is required to do so by law.

8. In principle, trekhaakkorting.nl provides delivery by courier; shipments in any other way (for example by post) will only take place if agreed and after payment for the products to be delivered has been received by us

9. trekhaakkorting.nl charges costs for shipping, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

10. If upon receipt it is noticed that the delivered item does not correspond to the order, please contact us via our email address.

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